Celeriac Gratin

A creamy, slightly nutty gratin that is an ideal accompaniment (or side dish) to steamed veg, mock-meats, or even a warm salad.

Brownie Cookies

These are thin and delicate brownie-style vegan cookies. They are so good you cannot eat only one ~ so be warned!

Vegan Chocolate Spread

There are several hazelnut spreads available as vegan chocolate spread; but this recipe has only 3 ingredients and is indulgently chocolate.

… And what’s better, it’s a breeze to make.

Vegan: Steak ‘n Kidney Pie

My vegan version of steak and kidney pudding used soya chunks and red kidney beans to simulate the classic British pie. It doesn’t matter if you’re serving this to a vegan, veggie or a meat-eater, all will absolutely love it.

Medieval Barley Stew

This is a veganized version of a Medieval Barley stew that has rabbit meat at it’s core, so I’ve used soya chunks in place of the meat.

Vegan Cannelloni

This is a creamy spinach cannelloni, with a crunchy topping in a bed of rich tomato sauce.

Chocolate Bread

What could be better than chocolate bread with chocolate chips in it? (How about a vegan version with aquafaba in place of eggs!)

Mediterranean Fettuccine

Originally, Fettuccine Alredo’s sauce wasn’t cream based at all, but made from butter. Here is a vegan version, that’s almost too simple. But I do love it, so I’ve included the recipe so all my followers can enjoy it too.

Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

Just wow! Delicious, moreish, vegan, and the perfect compliment of chocolate and peanut butter in the form of a brownie.

Frank’s Rice Salad

My Frank’s Rice Salad with Pomegranate Molasses uses Frank’s Red Hot Wings Sauce spice up the cooked rice and pomegranate molasses to sweeten the veg salad. This is an ultra easy cold rice salad, but it’s full of flavour.

Mushroom Hash

My hash is a meat-free version with mushrooms taking the place of meat, and vinegar taking the place of herbs or spices.

Italian Meatball Stew

This all-day meatball stew has a very Italian flavour because of the tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil used.

Rum ‘n Raisin Porridge

My Caribbean-style oats are a thing to make any porridge lover happy. They aren’t boozy, but do have enough kick to start your day with a smile.